Thursday, October 4, 2012



Right now, the music is from my old band The Ks. The Consumers needs to fully form and record some music, but you'll get the idea of what the songs will be like. I've got tons more, recordings and demos, so just let me know. We've also got many projects in the works, so click on some of those buttons up there to see what we're going to be up to!

The Consumers* is a theatrical band promoting ourselves through a number of projects. Our live show is a cathartic extravaganza with costumes, set-pieces and concepts, though the drama is balanced by the music, and the theatre eventually gives way to anarchic rock. We bring a lo-fi hand-crafted aesthetic to sophisticated multi-media productions. There’s a soap opera, a musical, a talk show, political and commercial campaigns, blogs specializing in food, chess, art and literature, all tying back to the songs. We perform high harmony, low volume song-oriented danceable pop songs. Our ever-shifting line-up of players stay in motion, and our mobility and volume levels allow us to play non-conventional venues such as parades, galleries, restaurants and homes. We call what we do “Room Music.” We’re a hub of artistic activity benefiting our friends and community, expanding our presence far beyond the immediate members and shows into a creative scene. We also happen to rock.

Three lead singers and other singing musicians add plenty of harmony, though it’s more Queen than Fleet Foxes. There’s no bass, so the low-end comes from the keyboards, the Bari-sax and samples. The drummers don’t play a kit, but stand, augmenting minimal programmed beats on snare, tabla, and assorted percussion. Everything moves and there is a show.

The Consumers* know how to dress, and we wear cardboard crowns, capes, sashes and buttons. The shows unravel like the second half of Bernstein’s Mass: They begin as high theatre, full of props, drama, a continuing chess game, and end as cathartic chaos with a shedding of costume and character, the music triumphant.

When we’re not performing, we’re making videos, a running on-line soap opera (Pennies From Hell), staging a musical show (Three Short Rock Operas), and promoting writers, fine artists, politicians, chess enthusiasts and chefs with the literary, artistic, political, gaming and culinary arms of our operation. The Consumers* enjoy all these facets of our collective, yet keep the focus on the songs. Yes, we’re trying to make the world a better, more colorful place to live, but every strand connects back to and is connected by beautiful songs such as “Shiraqin”; “Love Came Calling” and “Why I Look At Girls On The Train.”

Join us!

*What DOES the asterisk stand for?

A Video

Here's a video from my previous band, The Ks, to give you an idea of the kind of songs we'd be doing. This song is called "Usury of the Heart."